Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hello All


Thank you so much for your concern over Bennett. He is an amazing athlete, but something went wrong yesterday and we still don’t know exactly what happened. He was snowboarding and doing what he does every day during “the season”. He was life flighted from Breckenridge to Denver’s St Anthony’s Trauma Center yesterday afternoon and was in surgery for around 8 hours.

The injuries that the doctors are aware of right now are a lacerated kidney and liver which they believe will repair themselves, a compound fracture of the right femur that was pushed into the right pelvis which shattered, a compound fracture of the left femur further down and not as serious, some bruising on his frontal lobe which doesn’t appear to be too serious and a ruptured femul artery in his right leg. The big issue has been lots on bleeding. He’s received about 50 units of various blood products. Tonight they will try to remove the packing around his pelvis and abdominal area and start repairing his pelvis with plates. Depending on how things go today they will hopefully be able to repair the artery tomorrow. When he arrived at the hospital he had no pulse in his right leg and they were able to bypass the rupture. He now has a pulse in that leg but he may have some nerve damage.

I haven't been able to communicate much with Bennett. He seems to be aware of what's going on and is very frustrated. He can't speak because of the ventilator which they will leave in while he's having the surgeries.

The Doctors worked hard to save Bennett’s life last night and succeeded. The rest of the staff here at St Anthony is amazing. Several of Bennett’s friends are here with me and more are on the way. I’m looking forward to my other kids arriving out here in the next few days.

I spoke to a Doctor last night who was extremely optimistic and I was under the impression that Bennett was in stable condition but now that I’m here I have found that he is not out of the woods. Bennett loves life, is in excellent physical condition and I’m sure he will fight hard to overcome his injuries. We are confident that he will pull through.

Thanks so much to all for your prayers, generosity, and well wishes.

Much love and gratitude,