Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bennett has a discharge date

Bennett has been in rehab for one week and the hospital for 8 weeks.  His projected discharge date is February 7th.  This past week he’s pushed his therapists to push him.  It hasn’t been easy and he sometimes gets frustrated, but he knows that he needs to be patient.  Pain is his biggest enemy.  Since standing up with the help of a walker Bennett has been experiencing intense pain in his right foot, leg and hip (even though he’s not putting any weight on it), plus swelling in his right foot.  I guess this is to be expected since he was on his back for 7 weeks, but that doesn’t make it any easier.  One of his therapists told him that a rule of thumb for recovery (regaining strength) is 3 days of rehab for every 1 day of hospitalization.  Needless to say, it will take quite some time.    

Each day Bennett spends 1 ½ hours with a physical therapist and 1 ½ hours with an occupational therapist.  He has gone up 4 steps and walked about 250 steps with the aid of a walker.  His range of motion with regards to how far he bends his knees and flexes his right ankle improves daily and it looks like the nerves in his right leg are OK.  He also took his first shower last weeks.  What a treat! The skin graft is looking great and is healed, but the donor site is still pretty raw.  

We plan on heading back to Tybee after Bennett’s discharge.  Right now we’re looking at our different transportation options.  When he gets back to Savannah he will need to continue physical therapy rehab as an outpatient.  He will also be coming to GA on Coumadin because of the blood clot and will need a primary care physician to monitor that, an orthopedist, an infectious disease specialist, and possibly a urologist, vascular surgeon and plastic surgeon.  Hopefully that’s it.  Then there’s the housing issue.  At this point we’re not sure if he’ll be able to navigate the stairs at my house and we probably won’t know until closer to his discharge date.  We have a lot to figure out in 2 weeks.  

On Feb 3rd there will be another benefit for Bennett in Savannah.  It should be awesome and I’m thinking seriously about coming home that weekend.   The Accomplices and LittleTybee are playing.  Chrystal Beer Parlor is providing the food (thanks Johnny!), United Distributors is providing the booze (thanks Diane!) and Brighter Day paid for the venue (thanks Janie and Peter!). Kelly Nelson has been doing the heavy lifting (thanks Kelly!) and I'm sure there are others folks that are instrumental in making this happen.  A big thanks to the bands, artists anf others helping Kelly pull this together.  Both bands I love and there’s a 3rd band playing that I’m unfamiliar with, Christ, Lord.  Bennett and I just finished listening to some of their music and we’re pretty excited!  WOW, kind of a dark Gypsy Jazz , with some New Orleans and Doors mixed in.  Bennett wants someone to record the music at the benefit.  He is bummed he won’t be there because “it’s going to be sick”.   Any tapers out there willing to step up? (with the bands permission of course).   For more info on the benefit check this link

Bennett’s health benefits through Vail Resorts run out the end of this month and his COBRA will be a little over $500.00/ month.  Money raised through the benefits will help Bennett continue his recovery, cover COBRA payments and meet day to day living expenses until he’s able to work again.  

My favorite Little Tybee video (above). I'm sure that some of it has to do with the fact that Bennett's in it, but it's also the music, the magic of the GA & SC coast and these boys (men really, right?) that love each other but aren't often together. Brock created this video after a sailing trip last spring from Savannah up to Charleston. Bennett is looking forward to regaining his balance and getting back on the water.

See you soon!

With much love and gratitude,


p.s. If you're wondering where the Breckenridge Bourbon went, I found out that it's not being served at the fundraiser after all so I deleted that part of the post, however...it is being carried in Savannah now and you can ask Diane at the fundraiser where to buy it.   If you're a bourbon drinker you will love this award winning whiskey.


  1. So glad to hear of Bennett's progress. Sending love and prayers your way!

  2. Keep it up buddy! It has been quite a journey for the two of you so far, and knowing that the discharge date is approaching is such an important milestone in your recovery. I can only imagine how much you will progress on a daily basis once you are back home, with friends and family to help continue to motivate the hell outta ya! and then, youll come to panama and climb these coconut trees like there is no tomorrow! I lov u mucho mucho mucho & send my PMA every minute of every hour of every day. VIVA LOS BACON's!

  3. Yay discharge date!!!! Tybee will help heal you both. Loved the video. Is that bold the old Voodoo Lounge? Sure looks like it. Love you all,


  4. Hi Libby, such wonderful news about Bennett...I know that you all are eager to get home!! You have an amazing support system so I'm sure everything will work out...you will be HOME!!! We loved the video and makes us want to move to Tybee even sooner, if only we could..soon come!!!! Thinking of you all, take care!! Hank n Lauren

  5. I am SO glad Bennett is home...I was there when he came into the hospital and saw him gradually get better and better. I would get so excited every time I saw his name come up on my screen. He is a tough guy...I cannot express how grateful I am that he is doing so well. It was so nice to find this site and get an update. =)