Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tractionless, stapleless and drainless in a recliner…

January 12.2012

That’s right!  The rest of the staples came out on Monday, the traction came off on Tuesday and the last drain came out on Wed.  Tuesday night Bennett was moved up to a room on the 5th floor (room 528) and will be here until he's strong enough to go up to Rehab.  He’s projected to move up to Rehab next Tuesday or Wednesday.  The new room is either for big wigs or extremely large people and is literally twice as large as any other room in the hospital.  Maybe Bennett is being rewarded for being such an awesome patient for so long (6 ½ weeks).  This would have been a great room when the whole family was here over the holidays.   And for you Band of Squirrels, there’s room to hang your hammocks, I’m just not sure what you’d attach them to.  Bennett is really wishing that his co-pilot, Kyle was still here.  They had some serious helicopter flying sessions, but in this new bigger room they could really have some fun. 

The ­­­Staples came out while I was in Breckenridge for the Whales Tale Bennett-fit, which was awesome.  The last of the staples were around the perimeter of Bennett’s skin graft.  The skin graft is looking great and is less red every day.  Dr Reynolds says that it has taken 100%.  

The day after the Bennett-fit the traction came out.  It was a little creepy.  The traction pin was threaded and bent.  Picture this: a shiny giant bolt cutter and cordless Craftsman drill.  Bennett was heavily sedated and Wes filmed it so that Bennett could “remember”.  It was later that night that Bennett moved up to his new “suite”.  

Yesterday Dr Reynolds removed the drain that went up into his pelvic area.  The area was still draining a little bit but it’s been clear and the drains need to be gone for rehab.  Bennett said it was the “strangest feeling” and that he could feel it moving through his body as it came out.  EEK.  

Yesterday Sandra and Hal came to visit Bennett from Breck. Unfortunately Bennett was having horrible stomach pains when they were here and he was pretty zoned out, but Hal left a thumb drive with photographic evidence of the Bennett-fit. He also left a HDMI connector, so we could hook my PC up the the TV.  It was a wonderful gift for Bennett to be able to watch it later.  Last night Robin and Denise, owners of the Whales Tail, stopped by on their way up to Breckenridge.  This was a big surprise for Bennett and I loved meeting them.  They're not in Breck full time and were not there for the Bennett-fit, but they had graciously offered me their home that night, plus they allowed the restaurant to be closed down for regular business, so it was great to meet them and thank them.  
Today was a big day.  The first news was that Bennett’s Coumadin is now at a “therapeutic” level so the Heparin was stopped.  Heparin was one of the things keeping Bennett from going up to Rehab.  He is finally off IV pain meds and IV heparin.  Now all he needs is the strength to withstand 3 hours of rehab a day and he’ll stay in this room until then.  Bennett’s already working hard to get his knees moving and on upper body strength.  He’s a little worried about being strong enough to fully take advantage of his rehab, but I’m sure he’ll do great.  

So, the second big news of the day… DRUM ROLL PLEASE… Bennett sat on the edge of the bed, stood… and then moved to a recliner!  He put full weight on his left leg and with the help of a walker and a couple of therapists and shifted to the recliner where he stayed for about 1 ½ hours.  This was such a huge step.  He literally had not been off his back and out of bed since November 28.  I’m hoping in the next couple of days I’ll be able to wheel him outside.  Tonight Bennett is in a lot of pain.  I'm nor sure if it's from the new activity today, but it seems likely. 

Later in the day Bennett had a CT scan on his right pelvic area.  After viewing the CT scan Bennett’s Orthopedic Surgeon will have a better idea of what Bennett’s prognosis is with regards to his right leg and how he can proceed in rehab.  Yesterday Dr. Desai told Bennett about an app that’s a 3D x-ray and CT scan viewer.  Tomorrow we’ll meet with Dr Desai and he’ll share these images using the app that Bennett downloaded and discuss the future.  We’re really looking forward to this meeting and Bennett is anxious to see the x-rays of the night he came in.  I guess he’s strong enough to see them now, but they are pretty horrific.  

The Bennett-fit at the Whales Tale this past Monday was wonderful and amazing.  There were so many donations for the silent auction.  Everything from acupuncture, to merino wool undies, to snowboards.  There must have been over 50 items for the silent auction and about 30 for the raffle.  The turnout was so great I was worried that the fire marshal might show up!  Kate did an amazing job of organizing the event and a lot of other folks really stepped up and assisted her.  Wes put out a nice “spaghetti feed” spread.  Sandra was an exceptional MC (and prize).  Thank you SO MUCH Whales Tail crew, folks that donated and got donations and all the wonderful folks that showed up and made it a huge success.  We love you all so much and it was great to meet more of Bennett’s friends. 

                                                          The Whales Tail Bennett-Fit

This Saturday there’s another benefit for Bennett at the Jinx.  There will be great music plus there’s been donations for a raffle, including gift certificates to Zunzi's, Green Truck, North Beach Grill, JW Salon and Spa (boy could I use this!), Fannies, Sundae Cafe, Spa Bleu, and more. There are also limited t-shirts and prints by local artists for sale, with all profits going to Bennett.  We love those Collett boys and Matt has pulled this benefit together.  The art is compliments of Nicole, Andrew, Guy and Patrick. Love Love Love and Love!  For more info go here.  
If you’re not a night owl (the benefit starts at 10:00) then stop by the Jinx for Happy Hour and experience some awesome and high energy Rock-A-Billy from Crazy Man Crazy!  This Happy Hour is part of the BRING HOME THE BACON FOR BENNETT BENEFIT SHOW. CMC will be taking requests for money and donating to the cause. (in Colorado CMC stands for Colorado Mountain College; In Savannah CMC stands for Crazy Man Crazy!) “Who knows, we may even stick around and play as part of the show later.”

Personal note; mrpalmeronbass is very close with the Bacon family and really wants you to come to this show!  Thanks Mr. Palmer.  We love you too!  For more info go here.  

Thanks again for the  love and support.

We love you back!


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  1. This post made me cry buckets of tears of joy! Your progress is nothing short of miraculous! I know the road ahead of you is going to be tough, but you have so many people working for you, praying for you and loving you! I know that you will win this struggle to be healed and whole again. I'm still sending you tons of love and prayers for healing! Be strong, my friend!