Sunday, January 8, 2012

Onward and Upward!

 This beautiful hand painted surfboard is one of the many amazing items donated for the Bennett-Fit being held at the Whales Tail in Breckenridge on January 9,2012. 

Bennett continues to make small strides every day.  The Pain Specialist finally made it in, and it made a positive difference.  Some of the nerve and pain meds were being given to Bennett at 12 hour intervals and they were only lasting about 10 hours.  The Pain Specialist increased these meds to 8 hour intervals, so now this lapse in coverage (sound like insurance?)  doesn’t occur and Bennett has been more comfortable and able to sleep longer and more soundly.  

Today Bennett woke up some muscles in his right leg.  He tried to flex his calf and thigh muscles for a long time with no response ( he said there was just no connection to his brain), but by the end of the day he was doing it.  His nerves are still waking up and his muscles are starting to fire.  He wants to get that leg moving!  It was a beautiful sight tonight seeing his calf muscle flex.  

The Whales Tail in Breckenridge has organized a Bennett-Fit.  It’s tomorrow from 5-9 and I’m tearing myself away from the hospital and heading up to Breck.  It sounds like it will be quite an event and even made the Summit Daily. So far a run-down of just some of the things up for auction/raffle...

-Hand painted surfboard by Katy Helen
-2 night stay at Breck Inn
-20 games of FREE Bowling
-2 Hour Snowmobile Ride with White Mountain Tours
-$150 in General Dentistry from Dr. John Warner
-2 Hour Pontoon Rental
-Haircut from Jules Santen!!!
-1 Hour Massage from Alpine Spa
-1 Hour Acupuncture from Acupuncture by Audrey in Avon
-4 Rockies Tickets
-2 Trips to/from DIA with Fresh Tracks Shuttle Service

Bennett is so grateful to his Whales Tail family and everyone that has donated and gotten items for the raffle. He will be skyping the event so at least he can be talking to people at the event from his hospital room!  For more information on the Bennett-Fit you can check out the link below:

Thank heavens Bennett has health insurance.  He's worked for Vail Resorts for 5 years but it’s been seasonal work.  Every summer he’s let his coverage lapse, but when he returns in the fall he picks the better of 2 options.  It looks like he’ll be in pretty good shape with regards to being able to pay for his care as long as he can meet his deductible and out of pocket, plus continue his coverage through COBRA.  Bennett’s insurance coverage is running out the end of this month.  His COBRA payments will be $504/ month and he won’t be able to work for a long time.  Bennett can be covered by COBRA for 18 months and this continuation of  insurance coverage will enable him to get the rehab he’ll need.  The fundraisers set up for Bennett will help him meet his financial obligations such as the COBRA payments as well as simple living expenses while he is unable to work.  

I found out a few days ago what Bennett’s medical expenses have been so far.  The Flight for Life was $19,476.00.  Would anyone like to venture a guess what the hospital has billed?  Hint:  he has a leg scratcher that says, “million dollar leg scratcher”.  

Onward and upward!

With much love and gratitude,



  1. There's a lot of great news in this blog post! Thanks for sharing. You and Bennett continue to be in my thoughts and prayers! I hope the Bennett-Fit is a huge success. Much love and prayers for healing coming to you!

  2. Wow! Wonderful news about insurance and COBRA! I got a contract-to-perm job (I started today!), and am so happy to have COBRA from my last job. So happy to hear about pain management and flexing muscles, too. I bet you have yoga friends there. Have you thought about hospital-bed poses and/or relaxation/meditation for enhanced pain relief? Thanks to my sister Rhett (, I now have a personalized yoga practice that is working well. I haven't had ANY back pain in a week! Continued love, healthy and happy thoughts to all Bacons, where ever you all are ...

  3. Haha. Medical insurance is important; sounds like you may pass my billing total soon. Glad to hear you're doing so well, Bennett. I hope the fundraiser goes well. You're still in all our prayers.

  4. So happy to hear this news...sounds like Bennett is making great progress!! Lots of luck with the Bennett-Fit!! We are always thinking of you guys and wish you all well.
    Hank and Lauren

  5. Sounds like great news coming out of Colorado! Please let us know how the Bennett-Fit went. We are organizing one here in Savannah on February 3rd. More details to follow...Love and prayers.